Pro Support Network is linking Pro users to Pro Experts around the world. Our goal is to make the transition to new products as smooth as possible. We will support and care for  this abandoned base of customers and consultants as they migrate to new solutions.

The Pro Support Network is part of EC Brands Corporation based in California, David Harris, President and CEO.

David has an extensive background in information technology. Prior to founding EC Brands, David was President of SBT Internet Systems, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SBT Accounting Systems, and director of IT for WordStar Corporation.

David helped to build the Pro customer and reseller base. And he has a deep sense of loyalty to the Pro community.

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Ronda Broughton

Senior Marketing Executive

David and his web development team are exemplary. They are reliable, customer service focused, and highly skilled across multiple technological disciplines. They are a joy to work with, and a highly valued partner.

Carlton Collins

Technology Consultant, CPE Presenter, & Contributing Editor at Journal of Accountancy

David is one of the most capable web developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and i would recommend him to anyone.

Keith Weber

Chief Technology Officer

I have known David Harris since the late 1980s when he was a VP at SBT. He was a visionary in that organization, a lead proponent of Internet commerce. He toured the country evangelizing and built a division to address that market. As CEO of EC Brands he provided one of my clients with an excellent AccountMate-integrated web solution that they have used for at least 5 years now.

C. Darryl Mattison

President at CDM Associates Inc.

Dave was one of the first in our industry to recognize the power of the internet and develop ways to leverage this technology for our clients. His famous quote, “If you’re not somebody@somewhere.com, you’re nobody” is now a given in today’s society.

Ten years on, EC Internet is our go-to provider for sophisticated e-commerce software. Dave is a world class guy with a world class firm that can deliver world class solutions to your world class clients.

Andy Kimball

CEO, QB International

David has helped us transform our marketing. He and his team patiently and expertly vacuumed out of our heads our company vision, strategic goals, challenges, market competition, product differentiators, style preferences, and other critical information we didn’t even know we had. David then expertly combined our needs with his deep expertise in social marketing to create an extremely effective web design and social media campaign that instantly yielded results.

I can’t recommend David and his team highly enough. Feel free to contact me for more information.