Accrual and Benefit Pay Type Rollover in ACCPAC Pro Series 7.3 Payroll

Questions and Answers

Q:  This article explains how employee benefit pay types are allowed to rollover on the anniversary date set for the employee. Rollover used to be allowed only at calendar year-end.

A:  Employee accrual and benefit pay types are grouped into three categories: Vacation, Sick and Personal. A new feature was added to ACCPAC Pro Series 7.3 to support benefit pay types to rollover when printing checks. This occurs if Accrual Year Rollover is selected for that employee and pay type.The following two new fields have been added to the Employee Pay Type Maintenance screen:


  • Accrual Year Rollover – If this is selected, the rollover will commence on the Next Rollover Date. However if it is not selected, the rollover will occur when the PR year is closed.
  • Next Rollover Date – This is a date field to be compared with the Payroll system date during check printing.


Note: If the Next Rollover Date is less than the Payroll system date, the rollover will occur when regular checks are printed.

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