Fleet Cost & Care Technical Director of Projects

This is a posting for a currently open job with Fleet Cost & Care


Analyzes and manages customer and system capabilities required for projects or implementations, and plans implementation of new system or modification of existing systems.

Helps train, implement, assess, document and coordinates detailed follow up of as this relates to customer needs and capabilities of our products, personnel or related business systems.

Participates in team oriented assessment of projects and troubleshooting of day to day customer needs along and helps support personnel with high level knowledge base.

Participates and coordinates within product development with regard to further technological capabilities and functionality of our products and services.

Participates and coordinates in assessment of related interfaces or integration of our products with 3rd party vendors operating within the customer network.

Stays current with related products and services required to manage the subjects noted above, and understands accounting related processes and structure as required by our products, customers and governmental reporting today and in the future.
Candidate has experience with MS ..Net, MS SQL, Android, IOS, Crystal Reports or other common tools or applications within the technology industry.
Works and travels extensively staying in touch with customers, our personnel and conforms to the timelines required by the geographic regional challenges.

Builds and nurtures customer reliance on us as a primary tool to run and administrate business processes, and continues to evolve systems which can enhance our role as a key member of the customer team.

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