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Printer Choices

  • Under FILE on the menu are two choices; Printer Setup, which can be selected, and Page Setup, which is grayed out. Selecting Printer setup provides the dialogue box for Page setup. Hence, no way to select the Default Printer for Sage Pro.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?




    The default printer in SagePro is the default printer in Windows. There isn’t a way to select a “default” for the application. In my installation, both are available, but neither one is designed to select a “default printer” for SagePro. “Printer Setup” allows you to select a printer for the “session”. “Page Setup” sets additional configuration for the given printer you are currently on (Printer Tray, paper size, Orientation).

    I tested this in Pro 7.6 (2010) version. Maybe there is an issue with an older version than that? What version were you referring to?

    Rod Lewis
    Data Developers Plus

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