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Pro 7.5 on SQL 2012 or SQL 2014

  • Does anyone know if there is a workaround for running Pro 7.5 SQL on the newer versions of SQL (SQL 2012 and above)? Our client does not want to upgrade because of the modifications already done.

    Have you tried just moving the data to a newer server (in tact with all of the logins and pw’s)? I don’t think the actual login to Sage looks at the server version, just the install does. I haven’t actually tried it, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to try in a test environment. Simply install a new server, detach the databases (system company, and temp), move them over to the new server and attach them to the new server. Then change the pointers in pro.ini to point at the new server and see if it works. With the new server information in PRO.INI, it should see the existing databases and continue to function. Again, I have not tried this, but it would be a good exercise to save your client some money on upgrading.

    Rod Lewis
    Data Developers Plus, Corp.

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