Invalid Path Name/Config.fwp not found

There have been a number of recent reported issues with an error message “Invalid Path Name/Config.fwp not found. This article lists a number of actions that have been reported to resolve the error. In some cases it seems to be a temporary fix and some appear to be a permanent fix.

Situation: Customer is running Sage 2010/SQL and all has been fine for a couple of years.  All of a sudden, 2 workstations can no longer run Sage Pro.  Happened earlier this week with different users and a reboot of the server fixed the issue. Now it is happening with a different user and their network people do not want to reboot the server again.

  • Rebooting server fixes the error, at least temporarily
  • Disabling the network adapter and re-enabling (like refreshing the IP address) temporarily resolves
  • Disable Windows Defender – this has been reported to fix the problem
  • In Windows Defender under Tools/Options/Advanced there is a check box to scan programs on the local computer. Unchecking the box fixed the problem on all of our affected computer.
  • Scanning for malware and removing has been reported to resolve
  • Turning off some anti virus / anti-malware software seemed to resolve
  • Kaspersky 8 has a feature called System Watcher. When it’s turned on it will produce the Invalid Path or Filename but when it’s turned off, no error.
  • Check for power saving option on NIC driver. Is it on or off?


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