No Option on Certified Payroll Report to Enter Working Class


There is currently no option on the Certified Payroll Report found in Job Cost to enter work classifications. According to the United States Department of Labor site for WH-347 report the work classification is required on this report. There is also an option for withholding expense which is also not included on our Certified Payroll report.

Solution or Workaround

PTR 91827 has been entered for review.

Steps to Duplicate
  • In JC make sure it is set to use Pro Payroll linked to company 99 PR
  • Transaction – Enter Job Payroll Costs – Post
  • Employee = CD1 – note the Pay period dates
  • In PR – Transaction – Calculate Postings for CD1
  • Transaction – Enter Payments – Print Checks – Print a check for CD1
  • JC – Print – Payroll Reports – Certified Payroll Reports
  • Enter the correct Week Ending date and Job Number for the posting you just entered.

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Products: Sage Pro ERP

Applications: Job Cost

Version Reported: 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 2010, 2011

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