Patches – Sage Pro 2010 (7.6) VFP/SQL, Build 3600.00

Patch Description Last Updated Installation Instructions
Line added to Work Order may get removed in error, PTR 91690 9/1/2011 Readme
CVV credit card security, PTR 91452 8/24/2011 Readme
AR Aging report issues, PTR 91691/91248 8/22/2011 Readme
PO issues – 91347, 91556, 91659 5/11/2011 Readme
WO trans report slow in SQL 3/2/2011 Readme
Bids may hang or delete after printing 5/10/2011 Readme
Editing WO header changes line item 4/26/2011 Readme
NY State Wage Theft 4/8/2011 Readme
Inventory archive fix 2/14/2011 Readme
Work Order and Inventory posting error 2/10/2011 Readme
Error when creating sales order 2/09/2011 Readme
1099 Electronic filing changes 2/04/2011 Readme
Printing 4th Quarter of 941 reporting issue 1/18/2011 Readme
Magnetic Media Reporting Error 1/13/2011 Readme
1099 Modifications 12/29/2010 Readme
Ability to change company name on license for SQL 12/29/2010 Readme
Credit Card August Service Release 8/27/2010 Readme
Work order not updated with Sales Order Quantity Change 7/6/2010 Readme
Bank Rec showing Payroll overflow check incorrectly 7/6/2010 Readme
Sage Pro 2010 200 Edition Only
Service Pack 1
3/15/2010 Readme
Error 1466 Connection Handle is Invalid deleting line item. 2/04/2010 Readme
Manage Inventory Costs-Enter counts receives at zero costs. 1/20/2010 Readme
Cash receipts for the Payment on Account option does not update ARCASH.PAIDAMT 1/7/2010 Readme

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