Pro 7.5 VFP/SQL, Build 3500.00 Patches

Patch Description Last Updated Installation Instructions
PO issues – 91347, 91556, 91659 5/11/2011 Readme
NY State Wage Theft 4/8/2011 Readme
1099 Electronic filing 3/10/2011 Readme
Printing 4th Quarter of 941 reporting issue 1/18/2011 Readme
Magnetic Media Reporting Error 1/13/2011 Readme
1099 Modifications 12/29/2010 Readme
Credit Card August Service Release 8/27/2010 Readme
National Account statements in infinite loop 8/4/2009
PO Return Receipt does not correctly calculate average cost 7/31/2009 Readme
Deposit applied to a Sales Order should credit Liability 7/21/2009 Readme
AR As Of Aging slow with large SQL databases 7/20/2009 Readme
LIFO/FIFO rounding entries not created results in OOB 7/8/2009 Readme
Converted Bid with deleted line leaves lines marked as Bid 7/8/2009 Readme
Payment on non base currency payable creates blank GLACNT 7/8/2009 Readme
Mail Merging customer records will use company records 6/29/2009 Readme
Error 1526 when applying Cash Receipt in MC company 6/25/2009 Readme
Add Burden to Payroll entries doubles the amount of Burden 6/25/2009 Readme
Rounding issues on Pro Forma with scrap 6/19/2009 Readme
Error 107 invoicing PO Receipts for Overship item 5/29/2009 Readme
SO Order Entry Line Item Detail Onhand/Alloc/Proj inaccurate 5/22/2009 Readme
Customer statements have blank Bill To when zero balance 5/21/2009 Readme
AP As Of Aging slow with large databases 5/18/2009 Readme
“Variable PROCDAT is not found” message printing Tax Register 5/14/2009 Readme
Wrong standard cost on item with UOM copied from another item 5/5/2009 Readme
Credit memo triples sales commission return for order 4/30/2009 Readme
Sage Pro 200 Version 7.5
Service Pack 2
4/15/2009 Readme
Enter Inventory Count when no Onhand errors on temp table – SQL backend 4/9/2009 Readme
Running Pro for long time in Vista, exit but cannot relaunch 4/9/2009 Readme
Payroll Slow Posted Earnings Report with large history tables in SQL 3/6/2009 Readme
General Ledger Slow Total Company and Single Segment reports in SQL 3/6/2009 Readme
Dashboard fails with converted company 02/24/2009 Readme
Slow PR reports using Employees and Departments in SQL 02/24/2009 Readme
Slow PR Posted Earnings report in SQL 02/24/2009 Readme
Slow PR Tax Register report in SQL 02/24/2009 Readme
Health Saving Account for Employee and/or Employer Contribution 02/02/2009 ReadmeImportant: Service Pack 1 must be installed before applying this patch.
2008 AP 1099 Updates 1/14/2009 Readme
Closing PR leaves some data in curr.and in hist. 11/26/2008 Readme
Payroll Taxable Wages Patch 11/12/2008 Readme
Payroll Posting and Check Register Patch 11/11/2008 Readme
WO Component Serial Number Patch 10/7/2008 Readme
Sage Pro 200 Version 7.5
Service Pack 1
9/19/2008 Readme

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